#LeadHership Spotlight - McKensie Neff

Most people have a natural desire to build up their community - but many women have distinct obstacles, obligations, and aspirations. Women bring a unique perspective to supporting and building [...]

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IT Support Helps Hearts Stay Healthy

We take great pride and satisfaction in helping you move your business forward. Providing Tuscon with great managed IT services is what we do, and when one of our clients faces a technology challenge [...]

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#LeadHership Spotlight - Felina Cordova-Marks

Mentors are a critical part of both professional and personal development. They help develop a leadership pipeline for communities and help people ideate what they will become. It is even more [...]

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Tech Tips From Tucson’s Leading Managed Services Provider

Technology continues to revolutionize our world and impact our daily lives. It has created astonishing tools and resources. It puts information at the tips of our fingers. 2020 launched the use of [...]

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Best of 2020

None of us should be ashamed to admit that 2020 was a challenge. If you’ve survived the uncertainties of the pandemic and kept your company afloat, you’ve done a remarkable job.  

#LeadHership Spotlight - Judy Rich

On any given year, healthcare executives must work out how to overcome many diverse and complex challenges to improve the health of patients and the population. 2020 brought its own set of challenges [...]

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#LeadHership Spotlight - Wendy Marquez

Around 10 million women in the U.S. own a business. The shift that has taken place over the last 50 years appears to be good for the economy, and for families. According to research from Vistaprint, [...]

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Make 2021 Your Most Compliant and Secure Year Yet

2020 required healthcare organizations to rely increasingly on technology to serve their patients. While telemedicine and virtual work migration helped maintain productivity, new challenges to [...]

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Categories: Healthcare, Cloud, Security, HIPPA

Retire from I.T.: Today’s Top Questions About Outsourcing I.T.

As a company that offers managed IT services, we understand how confusing IT planning can be. Especially when it is not your specialty. With this year’s challenges to business continuity, it is more [...]

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Categories: Small Business, Security, Cyber Security

#LeadHership Spotlight - Sudha Ram

The economic fallout of this year has had a major impact on women in the workplace. A recent survey found that 58 percent of women say the events of this year have had a negative impact on their [...]

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