IT Security Areas You Need: Terms, Passwords, Malware & Data

IT Security Protects Against Malware

In my malware terminology breakdown below, I explain that malware is a general term for all programs written to harm your data and/or to spy on your computer [...]

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#ChoosetoChallenge Spotlight - Jamie Alexander

This last year, many companies have been challenged with making major workforce changes and almost every aspect of business has been impacted. With July and August estimates showing nearly 11 [...]

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Budgeting for IT Help:  3 Tools Your Next Budget Must Have

Half of small businesses did not create an official, formally documented budget last year - meaning they were essentially flying blind. Our budgets are our barometer, it shows us how our business [...]

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#ChoosetoChallenge Spotlight - Alyssa Diaz

Leadership is often associated with years of experience, honorary degrees, military commissions, and special awards. It has been understood that to prove your leadership, you needed to climb the [...]

IT Support Has Rule of Threes for Backups

Originally posted December, 2020. Updated August, 2021.

Ensuring you have a data backup plan is crucial for protecting the continuity of your business. There’s an old saying that businesses that [...]

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#ChoosetoChallenge Spotlight - Hallie Bongar White

In the United States, sexual violence affects millions of women each year. Unfortunately, because many occurrences go unreported, the official figures are likely to be underestimated. Victims may [...]

Is Your Business’ Backup and Disaster Recovery Ready for Monsoons?

Monsoon season in Southern Arizona accounts for roughly two-thirds of our annual rainfall. These short-lived, intense thunderstorms often result in flash flooding, power outages, and high winds [...]

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#ChoosetoChallenge Spotlight - Celina Stude

Home affordability has been a growing concern for the past several years and home prices have skyrocketed since the initial onset of the global pandemic. While affordable housing isn’t a new [...]

5 Benefits of Using a Tucson Managed Services Provider

Technology plays a key part in the success of your company and your strategy. Having the right applications in place with a team that can address issues as they arise allows your team to grow your [...]

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#ChoosetoChallenge Spotlight - Denise Kingman

The month of May marks the time schools and families are preparing for graduation. As students prepare to head out and face the future in a rapidly changing world, many will be weighing their path [...]

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