#ChoosetoChallenge Spotlight -Georgette Rosberg

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to getting individuals to work together toward a common goal. Especially when you are working with a diverse team that happens to also be remote. Inspiring [...]

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#ChoosetoChallenge Spotlight - Dre Thompson

Due to a variety of factors including responsibility for a load of caregiving tasks for their families and their overrepresentation in frontline positions vulnerable to disruption, women have [...]

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Categories: #BalanceForBetter, #LeadHerShip, #choosetochallenge

#ChoosetoChallenge Spotlight - Rachel Harpley

Over the last decade, experts have been trying to tackle a cybersecurity labor shortage. According to a 2020 survey by the International Information System Security Certification Consortium, Inc., [...]

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Categories: #BalanceForBetter, #LeadHerShip, #choosetochallenge

#ChoosetoChallenge Spotlight - Jamie Alexander

This last year, many companies have been challenged with making major workforce changes and almost every aspect of business has been impacted. With July and August estimates showing nearly 11 [...]

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Categories: #BalanceForBetter, #LeadHerShip, #choosetochallenge

#ChoosetoChallenge Spotlight - Alyssa Diaz

Leadership is often associated with years of experience, honorary degrees, military commissions, and special awards. It has been understood that to prove your leadership, you needed to climb the [...]

#ChoosetoChallenge Spotlight - Hallie Bongar White

In the United States, sexual violence affects millions of women each year. Unfortunately, because many occurrences go unreported, the official figures are likely to be underestimated. Victims may [...]

#ChoosetoChallenge Spotlight - Celina Stude

Home affordability has been a growing concern for the past several years and home prices have skyrocketed since the initial onset of the global pandemic. While affordable housing isn’t a new [...]

#ChoosetoChallenge Spotlight - Denise Kingman

The month of May marks the time schools and families are preparing for graduation. As students prepare to head out and face the future in a rapidly changing world, many will be weighing their path [...]

#ChoosetoChallenge Spotlight - Susan Gray

Spring is a great time of year to celebrate the beauty and importance of our planet. As a leader in the production, supply, and consumption of energy, the United States and the Energy Sector [...]

#ChooseToChallenge Spotlight - Diana Charbonneau

This year the theme for International Women’s Day 2021 is #ChooseToChallenge. It is a call to action to challenge what is possible, to challenge the status quo and to push for change. Change is [...]

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