IT Customer Service Mistakes to Avoid

When customers come to you for a tech support issue or because they need troubleshooting assistance, they want to be able to trust that you’ll offer expert advice and instruction. One of the biggest mistakes you can make when providing IT customer service is to act condescending, or make your customer feel like they're responsible for the problem. You can find ways to offer tech support and assistance while being friendly and kind to the customer. Here are some of the most common customer service mistakes you should avoid when working at an IT help desk or tech support line.

Not Listening to the Entire Customer Question

It is easy to get impatient and cut the customer off mid-sentence because you think you know where they’re going with their IT question. However, that only makes the customer feel unheard and belittled. Even if you feel impatient or think you already know the answer to their question, give them time to ask it. Even better, repeat their question back to them when they’re done speaking to confirm that you understand what the issue is. Then you can go ahead and start troubleshooting with them.

Assuming You Have All the Information You Need

Don’t ever assume that the customer has given you all of the information you need to solve their problem. There is likely something they’re too embarrassed to admit or that they just don’t remember. Ask them questions to find out more about their problem. You can start by asking them what they were doing when the problem occurred, and what they have tried to do already to solve the problem. That will give you a good jumping off point for troubleshooting.

Giving Instructions Too Quickly

When customers have tech support issues, they are likely feeling stressed out and overwhelmed. If you start rattling off a list of instructions to them, they may become even more upset and have a hard time following along. Before you start walking them through a solution, ask them if they’re ready to begin. If they say yes, then give them a brief overview of the process so they know how many steps are involved and what they will need before you get started.

Implying They Caused the Problem

Another huge mistake when working in IT customer service is to imply that the customer caused the problem due to ignorance or lack of tech know-how. No customer wants you to add insult to injury when they’re already stressing out about a tech issue. Even if you think (or know!) that they made a mistake that led to their computer, system, or software problem, don’t voice that opinion out loud. Find some way to walk them through the solution without making them feel like they caused the problem.

Using Too Much Tech Jargon

It’s easy to get used to speaking in tech terms when you’re always around other people who know what you’re talking about. But when you’re on the phone with someone who isn’t as familiar with tech speak, you’ll want to find other ways to refer to certain systems, programs, and applications, or clearly define what they are. That ensures that the customer can keep up with you and won’t feel overwhelmed.

Acting Like All Is Lost

If a customer is calling in because they were hacked, lost all their files, or can’t log into their system, the last thing they want is their IT support team acting like there isn’t anything they can do to solve their problem. Instead of being discouraging or fatalistic, start out by saying something like, “Let’s find an easy solution for this,” so the customer has faith that you’re going to do your best to solve their problem.

Reading From a Script

One of the most frustrating things for a customer to experience when they call in needing a solution to their problem is to hear an IT consultant or tech support staff reading from a script. Customer service agencies that rely on scripts to do their job end up making customers feel like they aren’t really being heard, and that their problem isn’t going to be solved. Scripted conversations are stilted, overly formal, and often miss the mark. Genuinely listen to what the customer is saying, what their problem is, and what they need.

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