#EmbraceEquity Spotlight - The Women of Iron John's Brewery

The history of beer is predominately female - from ancient goddesses to modern day brewsters, we have women to thank for much of the production and distribution of this tasty beverage throughout history. Unfortunately, at the start of the Industrial Age, many women were driven from the brewing industry. However, there are now trailblazing women taking back the helm of brewing and turning the tables on what had become a male-dominated industry. We are spotlighting two of the remarkable women of Iron John's Brewery, Rose Faitsch and Elise Lauer.

Rose Faitsch, the Managing Partner at Iron John’s Brewery, is a woman who believes in the power of boldness. She emphasizes that young women should not be afraid to step into leadership roles. Rose's journey in the beer industry is a testament to her fearlessness and determination.

For Rose, her mother has been a significant influence on her professional development. Her mother's relentless drive and unwavering commitment to doing better and working hard have motivated Rose to strive for excellence. This strong foundation has enabled Rose to become a mentor herself, guiding others with the same passion and drive.

Rose also believes that embracing equity and creating an inclusive world starts with visibility. She encourages women to be seen, to show that they can excel in any field, including the beer industry. Her advocacy for gender equality and inclusivity is a shining example of her commitment to positive change.

At Iron John’s Brewery, Rose's favorite aspect of her role is working with people. She thrives on collaborating with diverse groups and finding innovative solutions to business challenges. Her dedication to fostering a supportive and inclusive work environment is a driving force behind Iron John’s success.

Elise Lauer, the Head Brewer at Iron John’s Brewery, is breaking barriers in the male-dominated world of brewing. Elise's journey to her current role is a fascinating one, transitioning from a professional ballet dancer to a seasoned brewster.

Elise's advice to young women is to never accept "no" as an answer and to be comfortable with failure. She believes that perfection doesn't make you better; it's the ability to learn and grow from setbacks that truly defines success.

Elise's mother and aunt have been instrumental in her professional development. Her aunt's encouragement pushed her to explore opportunities, including her involvement with the Olympic rowing team. This support system has fueled Elise's ambition and determination.

Elise also recognizes the importance of creating a level playing field for everyone. She advocates for allowing men to express their emotions freely and fostering an environment where all individuals can thrive without gender bias.

Elise's impact on Iron John’s Brewery is undeniable. She has streamlined the brewery's operations and focused on producing exceptional beers that stay true to style. Her dedication to her craft and her role as a female leader is an inspiration to all.

The success of Rose Faitsch and Elise Lauer is part of a larger narrative of women in brewing that spans centuries. Women have played a vital role in the beer industry since ancient times, and their contributions continue to shape the industry today.

Despite a historical decline in women's participation in brewing, organizations like the Pink Boots Society are helping women re-enter the industry. Today, women like Rose and Elise are leading the way and proving that the beer industry is not limited by gender.

Rose Faitsch and Elise Lauer's stories are a testament to the power of determination, mentorship, and inclusivity. They are breaking barriers and inspiring the next generation of women in the beer industry. Rose and Elise are pioneers in a movement towards a more equitable and inclusive beer industry, and their journey is a source of inspiration for us all. Cheers to their success and to the continued growth of women in brewing!

If you want to raise a glass to the women of Iron John's Brewery, you can join them at the18th Street Taproom, the new Juniper Gin Bar, or the Broadway/Craycroft location opening this fall!

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