International Women's Day 2022

Today, on International Women's Day, we join a global effort to celebrate, educate, and advocate for women and girls everywhere. It is an opportunity for leaders, organizations, governments, and anyone that envisions a gender-equal world to join forces to affect positive, long-term change. 


On this International Women's Day (IWD), media around the world are celebrating women's social, economic, cultural, and political accomplishments while emphasizing that gender bias is still an issue. Women are underrepresented in all areas of power and influence, and women's rights are human rights. 


The theme of the 2021 International Women's Day was "Choose to Challenge," with the idea that we can all choose to challenge the status quo of gender bias and inequality, as well as seek out and celebrate women's accomplishments. 


There is no shortage of admirable women to honor in Tucson, the United States, and around the world. This past year, we celebrated 12 women who chose to challenge the status quo in diverse and impactful ways. Join me now as we look back at those women in Tucson that embody the #choosetochallenge idea. 


  1. Diana Charbonneau  
  2. Susan Grey  
  3. Denise Kingman  
  4. Celina Stude  
  5. Hallie Bongar White  
  6. Alyssa Diaz  
  7. Jamie Alexander  
  8. Rachel Harpley  
  9. Dre Thompson  
  10. Georgette Rosberg  
  11. Diane Brennan  
  12. Amanda Powers 

I have had a lot of fun highlighting these women who are making a difference, and I am excited to see their continued success in our Tucson community. Thank you for taking on #choosetochallenge. 


Follow our blog as the theme this year is "Break the Bias". The idea is that by working together, we can achieve women's equality. We can all live in a world in which everyone is treated equally. A diverse, equitable, and inclusive world. Join me this year in continuing to celebrate women in Tucson who #choosetochallenge the status quo and are making strides to #breakthebias. 



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