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#ChoosetoChallenge Spotlight -Georgette Rosberg

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to getting individuals to work together toward a common goal. Especially when you are working with a diverse team that happens to also be remote. Inspiring others with your vision can be challenging. While some leaders might be more outgoing and charismatic, others are quietly leading through more reserved and thoughtful methods. Then there are the rare individuals that can pull together the best bit of many types of leadership. They quietly pave a new path with their passionate and inspiring ideas, without being boisterous. They are more reserved and find a good balance of determination and humility.   

When I was thinking about the women that I know who fit this description of a quiet, inspiring leader, the first person that came to mind was Georgette Rosberg, Southern Arizona Program Manager at Gabriel's Angels. Gabriel’s Angels’ mission is to use pet therapy to instill confidence, compassion, and positive attitudes in at-risk children. Pet Therapy Teams visit crisis nurseries, domestic violence, and homeless shelters, and Title One schools to intervene in children's lives and teach essential skills including attachment, confidence, self-regulation, affiliation, empathy, tolerance, and respect. Georgette currently develops and maintains partnerships with entities serving at-risk children and their families.  

Before she went to work with Gabriel’s Angels, Georgette was part of the Silverado Technologies team. She worked with us for four years and during that time, we learned that her absolute favorite thing to do is spend time with her Border Collies, Tralee, and Clover. When she was not at work or spending time with her own dogs, she could often be found doing something related to dogs. It made perfect sense to me that she would go on to pursue a career in this field. Reading the mission statement of Gabriel’s Angels, what struck me most about it was, “instill confidence, compassion, and positive attitudes…”. I can’t think of anyone that is better at helping others feel confident, compassionate, and positive than Georgette Rosberg.   

Passionate is another great way to describe Georgette’s personality. Passion is contagious, especially when it stems from a place of authenticity. When you encounter someone that authentically cares about something as passionately as Georgette does, you can’t help but feel motivated and inspired to join them. I watched this happen organically with our Silverado Team at the start of the pandemic. Our tight-knit team was suddenly split up all over Tucson. Georgette didn’t blink before she sprang into action, reaching out to everyone on an individual level to check on them, make sure they had everything they needed, engaging with all of us to keep everyone connected and working towards the same goal. Despite our team being physically father than ever, we had never been closer in our relationships and communication.  

Georgette also spearheaded our annual charitable giving campaigns with various organizations and in 2020 was named one of the United Way Top 25 Employee Campaign Leaders for our Workplace Campaign.   

Her involvement was critical in helping create the vision for what our Silverado workplace culture looks like. In fact, her involvement is exactly one of the reasons that Silverado was twice nominated for Copper Cactus- Best Place to Work by Tucson Metro Chamber. She helped build an unwavering culture of support that we continue to foster both in the workplace and outside of it. She inspires us all to work together daily to create an inviting, friendly, and inclusive framework that encourages each team member to go beyond their comfort zone and genuinely excel in all aspects of their lives.  

Thank you, Georgette, for helping me challenge what it means to be a supportive and passionate leader. 

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