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Technology Support Health Check: Planning is the Key to Success

You’re probably familiar with the old fable about the grasshopper and the ants. While the grasshopper enjoyed his summer, lounging in the sun and singing, the ants worked diligently to store food for the winter. At Silverado, we spend a lot of time and energy explaining why it is so important to plan ahead when it comes to technology support and security needs.

For a good number of our clients, the “work-from-home” scenario was designed to be a short-term approach.  Now, with questions of whether or not we are still in a first wave of the healthcare crisis, and with the very real possibility of a “second wave” in the fall, it’s time to think about longer-term implications for your IT – and why flexibility will be the key to success. 

That’s why I’m hosting a webinar on July 14 to give you concrete examples about what downtime can really do to your business, what you can do today in a small way to plan for the future, and what areas of IT experts can best help with. 

Aspects of IT to Consider in Your Planning 

Are you on top of all the key areas of your tech and IT security? In the webinar, I’ll be discussing each of the following, as well as action steps you can take to proactively manage them.  

Office in a Box: This is everything you need to onboard a new employee, from hardware to access to IT systems. Do you have one in place, or are you piecemealing your IT strategy every time you hire someone new? 

Hardware: We’re shifting toward a model of pay as you go or paying just for what you need. You should consider whether to lease, rent or buy your hardware, taking into consideration the ROI of everything from laptops to your cloud server. 

Line-of-Business Software: If your software doesn’t offer a subscription or isn’t cloud-based, you can still move it to your cloud for a hybrid approach, and I’ll discuss it in the webinar. 

Layered SecurityIn the webinar, I’ll cover the top three ways to secure your remote workforce that you may not be aware of. 

CommunicationsNow that we’ve moved to decentralized workforcesyou may need to consolidate communication tools to cut down on unnecessary costs. 

SupportTo keep up with IT management and maintenance, working with a managed services provider can be a cost-effective and productive strategy, and I’ll speak to this in the webinar. 

Hope to See You at the Webinar! 

I hope this post has intrigued you enough to sign up for the webinar on July 14. Whether you’re a long-time planner when it comes to IT security and management or you’re starting from square one, I hope to provide you some great takeaways.  

To get advice tailored to your businesssign up for an assessment so we can help you prepare for the future. 


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