Cloud Solutions to Streamline Your Business

Cloud-based software and storage solutions exist online, rather than onsite in physical form, or saved on company computers, laptops, or servers. Cloud solutions can help your business automate processes, safely store files and data off-site, create a shareable workspace that employees can use in or out of the office, simplify data recovery, and help you plan for the future. Here’s a look at some scalable cloud solutions your company can use to streamline processes.

Cloud-Based Email Services

Cloud-based email services can be accessed anywhere you have an internet connection. These services are tied into your company domain name, so that emails are clearly sent from your organization - for example: With flexible options to access your email through a web-browser or email app, cloud-based email providers like Microsoft 365 are accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Cloud-Hosted Applications

Many software providers are moving to cloud-hosted applications, also referred to as software as a service (SaaS). Instead of purchasing an application to run on an onsite server, cloud-based applications give you the same functionality accessible through a web-browser or downloaded program. Leveraging the cloud gives you the flexibility to adjust to changing business needs and growth without the need for costly server hardware investments.

Disaster Recovery and Backup

A disaster recovery and backup plan focuses on strategies and services that back up crucial data, files, programs, and databases so they are up to date and preserved for later access. If there is a data breach, data loss, or natural disaster that affects hard copy files or data stored onsite, it can still be accessed and downloaded from the cloud. Cloud backup protects your company resources and property, and ensures you can continue on with business as usual even if there is a disaster that affects your files and computers. 

Hosted Office Suites and Collaborative Workspaces

Hosted office suites and collaborative workspaces allow employees to communicate with each other, share files and information, and edit documents in the cloud, without having to be in the same office (or even in an office at all). These workspaces are secure and encrypted, so they can only be accessed and shared by verified employees and approved guests. Using cloud-based workspaces reduces the risk of employees writing over, accidentally deleting, or creating more than one version of important files and documents. A digital workspace also creates collaborative opportunities and experiences for hybrid office environments, so employees who work remotely can still share data, files, information, applications, programs, and resources with employees who are in the office. Hosted office suites and collaborative workspaces also allow employees to access necessary files, documents, applications, and programs from any computer, as long as they have an internet connection. Employees who are traveling can still access information and answer questions, even if they didn’t bring their work computer with them.

Managed Cloud Services

If your company does not have an on-staff cloud expert, managed cloud support services can provide the technical support you need. Managed cloud services offer partial or complete management of your office’s cloud set-up, resources, storage, backup, data restoration, and infrastructure. In the event of a data loss or breach, an IT consultant will assist you with restoring your files, applications, and data to the last backup point. 

Combine Cloud Services as Needed

Your office can combine cloud services as needed to create the perfect virtual environment for your employees and clients. If you need to share specs, documents, files, contracts, and more with your clients, you can do so safely and securely using cloud services. Common cloud services like Microsoft 365 and Azure work well in combination with your other applications and programs - both cloud-based and onsite. These services can be integrated into other applications your company might use for improved efficiencies and collaboration.

Do You Need Assistance With Cloud Services for Your Company?

If you need assistance setting up cloud services in Tucson for your business, or if you aren’t sure what cloud services you need, come see us at Silverado Technologies. We specialize in flexible, scalable cloud services that give you the ability to work anywhere, save documents and files remotely, and create a robust disaster recovery plan. Our women-owned IT company has been serving Tucson’s IT needs for years, and we stay on top of the latest trends, advancements, and improvements in the field so we can offer our clients exceptional service and the best professional IT advice. We care about our Arizona community and are wholly invested in ensuring your business is secure, protected, and streamlined. To schedule a consultation, call us today at (520) 210-5454 or contact us online.

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