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#Balance for Better Spotlight - Marie Daranyi

Marie Daranyi understands that being a female martial arts practitioner and martial arts school owner is unusual, but she loves to shatter stereotypes and misconceptions. Known as Sabum Marie Daranyi at her Tae Kwon Do school, The Dojang, Marie is a woman leader who has shattered stereotypes. She has made it her goal to create a community that is well-balanced along gender lines, where everyone feels safe and welcome to train.

“It’s okay to be strong, powerful and female. It’s okay to spar with the boys, to break boards and concrete, and to have wild and crazy painted nails and long hair.”

Not only is Marie a Sixth Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and the Senior Master Instructor/Owner of The Dojang, she is also a retired principal of Tucson Unified School District and served as Dean of Students in Sunnyside Unified School District. Marie’s success as a martial arts school owner can be contributed to her passion for education and her extensive history in sports throughout her life. Pairing her Masters Degree in Educational Leadership and years of teaching, coaching, training, and counseling, Sabum Marie has developed a well-rounded, individualized martial arts instruction program.

Marie has created a safe, challenging, and fun experience for her diverse community of students. Her favorite aspect of leading the martial arts school is being part of the journey for her students, both adults and children.

“I get to help raise our kids by being a role model to them, and I get to watch the adults truly change their lives through the process of training. I get to change lives one kick at a time, and it is truly amazing!”

Influenced by her favorite teacher, Diana Leeds, by sixth grade Marie was helping to set up the classroom, bulletin boards and grade book. With her early passion for education it is no wonder she believes the first step in the development of leaders is a high-quality education. She brings that same belief to her martial arts school.

“The lesson that I carry with me to this day is that the power of our words as teachers, coaches and leaders greatly impact the lives of our students. We need to weigh what we say, how we say it, and our messaging because those conversations are not casual, and they can change lives.”

Marie believes that successful women leaders develop when every child has equal access to quality education and exposure to solid role-models. She encourages everyone to develop their leadership skills by first understanding what you stand for and what your driving principles are.

Thank you, Marie, for being a leader!

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