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Make 2021 Your Most Compliant and Secure Year Yet

2020 required healthcare organizations to rely increasingly on technology to serve their patients. While telemedicine and virtual work migration helped maintain productivity, new challenges to compliance, cybersecurity and privacy emerged.

When it comes to planning for 2021, healthcare organizations must prioritize compliance and cybersecurity while also considering how to nurture the organization’s growth.

Make 2021 your most compliant and secure year yet. Here are the 4 top priorities healthcare organizations need to address in 2021.

3 Healthcare IT “-ability” Priorities

  1. Healthcare IT (HIT) teams should prioritize balancing 3 different “-abilities” for future growth. Scalability represents a healthcare organization’s capacity to handle future demands for more connections, data and workflows. Systems need to be able to handle other network-connected devices that will be required as healthcare organizations continue to grow.
  2. Healthcare organizations also need to plan for reliability which is defined by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement as failure-free operation over time. To avoid mistakes (and the resulting liability lawsuits), it’s important to perform reliability analysis to help you plan for how you might improve processes.

A MSP (Managed Service Provider) like Silverado Tech makes sure all devices are connected correctly and the best parameters are in place to increase reliability.

  1. Lastly, flexibility equates to successful responses to changing circumstances and expectations. If one tool or program suddenly becomes unavailable, the IT team member should have the expertise to adapt, find and implement a new tool efficiently.

Silverado’s experienced technicians have a wide variety of tools available to handle any IT situation that might arise. A partnership with a Managed Service Provider makes planning for the 3 “-abilities” easier and ensures more success in the long run.

Is It Time to Continue Your Cloud Migration Journey?

More and more frequently, healthcare organizations are finding they need a resilient approach to sharing and storing company and patient data. Aging on-site servers present a host of challenges, especially as more healthcare workers are working remotely. For those organizations that have been indecisive about cloud computing, the current pandemic has illustrated the key benefits of a more flexible solution.

So, why should an organization migrate to the cloud?

Migrating to the cloud and using an MSP can help organizations land on a secure solution for their growing IT needs, while also opening the door to innovations. MSPs can introduce you to tools to assist in immediate migration that have many features available for the security and compliance of the system.

Is It Time to Right-Size Your Organization’s IT Team?

It’s difficult to find qualified healthcare IT professionals who have the relevant experience needed to keep mission-critical systems and applications running optimally. Because of the expertise and time it takes to make the best decisions possible regarding complex technological tools, many healthcare organizations realize they can’t do it alone. As 2020 comes to a close, many are now seeking MSPs to handle part of their IT operations. Through IT consultations, MSPs can help organizations with compliance, cybersecurity and future growth.

When you outsource your organization’s routine IT tasks to an MSP, you’re getting the maximum value from an experienced team that has the tools needed to keep your systems running smoothly, securely and complying with regulations.

How Can Your Organization Be Proactive in the Face of Changing Threats?

Every healthcare organization must develop a plan that balances scalability, reliability and flexibility while prioritizing compliant and secure systems. However, threats can disrupt the best-laid plans.

Due to the proliferation of new medical technologies and because the stakes are usually higher with these new tools, organizations must make every possible effort to protect security and compliance efforts around the clock.

Conquer Compliance with Silverado

For over 20 years, Silverado has earned the trust of hospitals; independent and group healthcare practices; assisted living, diagnostic and testing facilities and more in and around the Tucson area. We can be an extra set of hands, or we can work with you closely to implement, troubleshoot and monitor your systems.

Legislative compliance guidance is the reason healthcare providers in our region turn to Silverado. We take the time to build best practices in place – so you can achieve complete HIPAA compliance.

By partnering with Silverado, you can spend more time with patients and less time dealing with IT. We provide:

  • Experienced Professionals: We will get to know your technology and optimize it for your unique workflow challenges.
  • Data Protection: Your patient and vendor data will be safe, protected by layered cybersecurity tools and systems.
  • HIPAA Compliance: Silverado will ensure that your organization meets the strict provisions of HIPAA legislation.
  • Complete IT Management: Your entire IT environment will function seamlessly to support positive patient outcomes.

Contact Us for a Compliance Checkup and Security Assessment

By partnering with an MSP like Silverado, you free up your internal IT resources to laser-focus on next-generation solutions and increasing automation to enhance the quality of patient care.

Silverado will make sure your organization is secure and HIPAA compliant. Set up your organization for success in 2021. Contact us today for your complimentary checkup and security assessment and begin developing your best IT plan to date.

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