#LeadHerShip Spotlight - Kim Fitch

International Women’s Day was March 8th, and Silverado is proud to celebrate the one-year anniversary of recognizing inspirational women leaders! We have been excited and moved by the women we spotlighted in our #Balance for Better campaign over this past year. In 2020, we look forward to another year recognizing Tucson’s women leaders with the #LeadHership campaign.

The mission of the national LeadHership campaign, is to “empower women to embrace that they are powerful, purposed and priceless.” Our March honoree exemplifies that conviction in that her drive to succeed is matched by her drive to help other women succeed. Kim Fitch is the principal of Nicolosi & Fitch, a property management company that manages and consults over 3,300 apartments in Southern Arizona.

     “Networking is one of the best ways to promote yourself, your goals, your business and to help introduce other women to people they might not have had access to. “

When Kim and her original partner started Nicolosi & Fitch, most property management companies were run by men, while most of the support staff and office site personnel were women. Today, many of the property management companies are now owned by women. Kim is part of a community of women property management company owners that advise each other and share best practices. Kim believes that women need to “build each other up, offer advice and a shoulder to cry on, and a toast to every advancement.”

Throughout her professional development Kim has been fortunate to have female mentors, and she encourages young women be proactive in seeking mentors. One of Kim’s mentors, Mary Ann Towler, convinced Kim to get her Certified Property Manager designation through the Institute of Real Estate early in her career. When she received the designation in 1991, Kim was the youngest female in Tucson to earn that distinction, and she was awarded the designation by the very first ever woman in Arizona to have ever received the CPM, Jeanne Harry.

Kim believes it is imperative to honor the sacrifices women have made paved the way for our successes, particularly the suffragettes. She encourages us to honor their sacrifices by practicing our right to vote. “We need to respect and honor the sacrifices they made for our benefit and keep progress moving forward for our daughters and granddaughters.”

Her leadership at Nicolosi & Fitch has created a company that supports one another, celebrating the private and professional accomplishments of every staff member, as well as offering condolences and encouragement to coworkers undergoing personal struggles and challenges. This supportive culture has kept the company of 74 employees at a turnover rate less than 20%, well below the nation average for property management companies.

Her support of peers in her industry and other women leaders has served as a successful model to the staff. As she says, “When one succeeds, we all succeed.” Thank you, Kim, for your #leadHership!


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