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IT Support Helps Hearts Stay Healthy

We take great pride and satisfaction in helping you move your business forward. Providing Tuscon with great managed IT services is what we do, and when one of our clients faces a technology challenge - we want to be by your side to find the best solution. It’s no surprise that we <3 our clients. In honor of American Heart Month, we wanted to talk with one of our clients close to our hearts. And who better than Tucson Heart Group.

Carolyn Huerta joined the team at Tucson Heart Group as the Practice Administrator just in time to face the Microsoft Windows 7 End of Life project. We got the chance to speak with Carolyn to get her feedback on how our partnership helped turn this project into an easy experience for her.

Microsoft ended its support for Window 7 in early 2020. It’s incredibly important that the healthcare industry have operating systems and applications that are up to date with IT security and supported by the manufacturer. It’s one of the requirements for HIPPA Compliance which is often the responsibility of those in Carolyn’s role. The problem? Carolyn is not an IT specialist. Avoiding any disruption in the clinic’s daily operation was also a big concern. She describes feeling like this was going to be a daunting task for her. She wanted someone to help guide her through the process to make sure it was smooth and organized.

Technology should be a tool, not a worry. Our team stays current with the latest technology trends and critical changes in the industry – like when Microsoft announces the end of life for a widely used program. End of life (EOL) is a part of the typical lifecycle of technology products, and managed IT service providers, like Silverado, plan and prepare clients for instances like this all the time.

We began advising clients more than a year before the Windows 7 EOL date – so when Carolyn came onboard as the Practice Administrator for Tucson Heart Group, there was already a plan in place. We worked with Carolyn to take an inventory of all their computers. It was important to understand not just what equipment was in place, but who was using the equipment and how they were using it.

In your average small business, computer inventory can sometimes be an easy thing to do. In a medical practice that task becomes a little more intimidating. To ensure the process is efficient, a team of experienced professionals is a great choice.

We helped Carolyn decide what computers could be updated to a more current operating system, and which computers were no longer needed and should be retired. Best IT support Tucson projects can be a big investment, so when Silverado works on these types of projects, we are transparent about every step and make sure every question is answered. It was important that all data about this inventory project was well documented and easy to access for Carolyn and her team.

Another challenge Carolyn faced was starting her new position without the benefit of handoff from her predecessor. Employee handoff is critical for anyone helping to run an organization – especially for practice administrators. Without that knowledge transfer, Carolyn had to dive in headfirst and find an efficient way to document the day-to-day operations to help her and her team be more productive. Silverado does not treat documentation as another administrative task. It’s a built-in part of all the work we do. We were happy to help Carolyn ease that load and document procedures for their software. Carolyn says having a checklist of steps for onboarding a new employee into their computer systems has increased her efficiency.

In addition, we are helping Carolyn look forward to other technology changes that might be coming her way, like cloud solutions, and help her plan for future investments. The best investment in technology is creating a strategic plan for sustainable infrastructure upgrades. This strategic planning helps Carolyn stay ahead of the curve, and she says these discussions help her feel ready for any changes that come her way.

Working on these projects with Carolyn helped us build a rapport with her. She says it made things a lot more enjoyable and she no longer worries if she has a trusted partner.

During this American Heart Month, we want to share how much we heart all our clients. Watch our full conversation with Carolyn here. If you want to know more about becoming a Silverado client and how we can help you plan for your next IT project, contact us today.


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