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Is Your Practice Exposed? Find Out Before it’s Too Late!

Is your medical practice at risk of a security breach?

It’s terrifying to imagine, and it’s talked about whenever a group of medical providers get together. Now, it is possible your health care practice is entirely protected, you’ll pass your next HIPAA risk assessment with flying colors, and all the patient information in your systems is safe and sound.

How can you be sure of that, though?

If you’re unsure of how secure and compliant your medical practice is, take a closer look at your IT management. Sticking with a less-than-reliable IT provider simply because you’re afraid of the unknown won’t keep your practice safe. Sure, switching IT providers takes some research and planning, but staying could increase your chances of exposure to a security breach.

Common Frustrations with IT Providers

There are certain frustrations with IT providers so commonplace, we actually wrote an article about them. It’s not a “gotcha” article. It’s meant to let medical providers know that it’s NOT okay to pay for mediocre IT services.

If there’s frequency of downtime, if your IT provider is not well-versed in HIPAA compliance, and you feel exposed and at risk – how dependable could your security possibly be? And, in the event of a security breach, you could be at higher risk for HIPAA violations.

And, then there’s the publicity – the undesirable type that no practice wants.

Do You Know How Exposed You Are?

Far too many health care companies don’t understand just how exposed they are to security vulnerabilities until it’s too late. You may not realize your IT provider has set up ineffective backups. You could be totally unprepared for a HIPAA audit. Is it possible your system has been breached, and you don’t know it yet?

Everyone has heard the horror stories of the trusted office manager embezzling money and the owners don’t find out until many years and many dollars later. Cybersecurity breaches are often the same – discovered after the damage has been done and the poorly performing IT provider is long gone.

The Understandable Fear of Change

There’s a reason people stay in relationships, even professional relationships, too long: fear of change.

When you switch IT providers, it can feel like you’re starting over. You have to explain everything again, interview potential providers, get quotes, check references. It’s exhausting. Then, even if you do find a new provider, you may worry about who now has access to your data.

Consider this, though: if you don’t do it now, preventatively, you may have to go through the same exact process but under a lot more pressure during a security breach. If your current provider lets a major security issue slip through the cracks, you probably can’t rely on them to fix it.

Benefits of Silverado as Your IT Provider

If you already feel frustrated with your current IT provider, here’s what you can look forward to when you consider Silverado as your IT partner for fully managed services:

  • A comprehensive strategy to have your technology support your growing business
  • Experienced HIPAA-trained engineers and technicians
  • Comprehensive experience with common EMR and business-line applications
  • Best practice implementation for HIPAA privacy and cybersecurity
  • Cost-effective solutions and stable financial planning

You want IT professionals with deep technical knowledge, but who also can explain complex IT scenarios in an understandable way, allowing you to make informed decisions on your IT strategy.

Silverado’s team boasts the most HIPAA-trained engineers in Tucson. Our certifications include Amazon Certified Solutions Architect, VMware Certified Professional, SonicWall Technical Master and CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst Plus Certification. See more of our credentials here.

Equally important is the consistency in our team. Our team members have engaged with us for several years, which is impressive in an industry that has high staff turnover.

Are you ready to make a change? We can help and become your trusted partner who can support and help your practice grow. Learn more about how Silverado Technologies’ Managed IT Services can empower your medical practice. Reach out at 520.903.1580 or contact us now.

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