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10 Reasons Practice Administrators Get Frustrated with IT Providers

 We’ve heard many, many complaints about IT companies over the course of our years working with medical providers. Most of those complaints became reasons to leave their current IT providers. If you are experiencing any combination of the below frustrations, you may want to consider assessing your IT provider and its ability to help your practice grow.

Practice Administrators’ Top IT Provider Frustrations

In order of top annoyances…

Slow response time. You’re waiting too long for a response to support tickets.

  • Persistent problems. Issues are still not resolved after support tickets are closed.
  • Expanding timelines. Upgrades, maintenance and support issues frequently extend beyond due dates.
  • Late – or non-existent – HIPAA reviews. A review hasn’t been performed of your IT in over a year.
  • Productivity killers. Ongoing internet slowness or non-responding software and apps are dragging down the productivity of your staff.
  • Uncertain back-up solutions. Regular backups tests aren’t done to verify if your practice’s data is safe.
  • Mystery bills. You receive bills for work you weren’t aware was performed.
  • Hidden fees. You feel nickel-and-dimed over every service and solution.
  • High staff turnover. Your IT provider seems to have a rotating door of techs and engineers. You never know who might show up to work on your network.
  • Loss of trust. You find yourself doubting the value of your IT provider.

Many of these issues may seem small and not necessarily things you should worry about. But the point of hiring an IT managed service provider (MSP) is so you and your staff don’t need to worry about your practice’s technology. The time you spend working on your own IT is time you could have spent ensuring your practice’s continued growth.

When you are worrying about any of the above issues or you find yourself trying to do the technical trouble-shooting yourself, it’s time to rethink your relationship with your current IT provider.

How IT Frustrations Affect Patients

Aside from distracting you and your staff from your job responsibilities, those 10 issues also cause frustrations for your patients.

For instance, if your electronic medical records system goes down, it would be impossible to serve your patients. You’d have to cancel appointments until your system came back online. Cancelled and rescheduled appointments can frustrate both patients and referring physicians alike.

If your applications or network goes down, you can’t transfer records and other information. For those medical providers that travel or consult at other locations, without remote access to your systems or data, work can’t be done.

Finally, downtime costs money. You still have to pay your overhead costs, but if you aren’t getting any work done, you’re not billing.

Solving Your IT Frustrations

Technology should be a tool for your medical practice, not a worry. From your data to your finances and communication, you rely on technology to help your practice grow. Having technology you and your staff can rely on is critical. Whether those systems are in the cloud or in your office, you need a trusted partner who can support and manage those systems. In other words, you need the right partner.

Silverado Technologies ensures your IT is ready and available when you need it. Through a long-term and trusted partnership, we help you get the most out of your IT investments. We have a deep knowledge base including several HIPAA-trained engineers and broad experience working with various medical and healthcare providers including performing HIPAA risk assessments and managing their technology systems.

Choose a partner with an unwavering commitment to exceptional service and one of the most highly trained and certified team of engineers and technicians in Tucson, Arizona.

Are you starting to wonder if it’s time for a second opinion? Then it’s time to meet with one of our Technology Consultants to learn more about how Silverado Technologies’ Managed IT Services can empower your medical practice. Reach out at 520.903.1580 or contact us now.

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