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#BreaktheBias Spotlight - Teresa Nowak

The start of a new year brings reflection, the hope of transformation, and the promise of a new start. To kick off 2023, we are excited to spotlight a woman dedicated to transformation, leadership, and relationship building.

As a Depth Psychology researcher at Imaginal Space focused on coaching individuals and groups towards more meaningful and symbolic lives, Dr. Teresa "Tree" Nowak, PhD helps others to foster transformation of consciousness and develop a stronger psychological sensibility.

As a Senior Vice President and Senior Relationship Manager for Pacific Premier Bank, she fosters the growth and transformation of our business community.

And as a board member for various philanthropic organizations, Dr. Teresa Nowak fosters the transformation of our community.  She currently serves on the boards of the American Red Cross, United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona, and Business Development Finance Corporation - not to mention she is part of the American Heart Association's Executive Leadership Team for 2023 Go Red for Women

With her many pursuits, its no surprise Teresa encourages us all to seek out opportunities to stretch beyond our normal roles. "Whether its at work, or something you're volunteering for, look for additional opportunities where you can take on additional roles and really shine," says Teresa.

While she may not have had many women mentors during in her career, Teresa invests her time mentoring with other women, actively talking about how to get involved in philanthropy, getting on boards, and finding leadership positions. She advises, "It’s not enough to just have a seat at the 'table.” Lean in, speak up, ask questions, let your voice come through. Be courageous and let your perspective and your voice come through. Leadership is about owning your power that way."

Dr. Nowak recognizes the need for more women in leadership roles. More specifically, she hopes to see more of the feminine style of leadership, "It's not just about women, but the feminine consciousness, that even men embody." All types of organizations can benefit from taking into account the feminine perspective.

Thank you, Dr. Teresa Nowak, for your work to #BreaktheBias and transform our community! As you start your new year, keep Teresa's advise in mind, "Be present, don't shy away. Stand in your own light and truth. Be your authentic self." 

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