#Balance for Better Spotlight - Karen Hazelton

It’s a new year – and many of us are working on that “new you.” We are kicking off the new year honoring one of the women helping us achieve that New Year’s resolution - Karen Hazelton, owner of Telos Strength & Conditioning.

Karen and her husband, Shaun, began Telos in 2017 with a vision to create a community where members are welcomed, can progress safely to achieve their goals, and truly enjoy the training experience. Ultimately, Karen wants to see members use fitness and nutrition to become stronger, happier, and healthier versions of themselves.

While Karen was growing up, being strong wasn’t “cool” for girls. The norm was for girls to be as skinny as possible and, looks were flaunted more than muscles. Fortunately, Karen now sees that view shifting. More and more we see women who are celebrated for everything their strong bodies can DO, rather than what they look like.

It’s an exciting time, and I love that my daughter will grow up being surrounded by really good, positive, STRONG women to look up to.

Not only are views about strength shifting, but so are views about leadership. “I love the time we are living in- seeing all these strong women as CEO's and leaders,” says Karen. “To see women who are able to navigate being a mom, caring for a family, and a having a successful professional career is so inspiring to me, and I hope to others as well.” As a woman in leadership herself, Karen hopes to be an example for her daughter.

Karen’s own mother was her biggest role model growing up and into her adult life. Karen remembers her mother worked SO HARD for her family, but always had a good time and didn't take things too seriously. “She instilled in me the work ethic, confidence, determination, and strength I use every day,” Karen recalls. Sadly, Karen’s mother passed away in August after more than five years battling ALS. “She was so proud of the work I am doing at the gym and knowing that truly keeps me going day after day.”

While Karen and Shaun initially opened Telos for themselves, they have amazed at how their decisions as local business owners impact others in the community. Karen recommends that if you are a woman interested in starting your own business, go for it!

It can be daunting, demanding, and stressful some days but to be able to do something truly for yourself and your family is worth it in the end.

Taking part in a worldwide mentoring group for gyms, Karen and Shaun encounter many couples who run their gym together. They also see a number of women who are sole owners of their fitness location. For the typically male-dominated fitness industry, Karen finds it refreshing to see more and more women get involved as owners and leaders.

For Karen, owning and managing Telos is the best job in the world. Every day, she gets to work with the most incredible, inspiring, hardworking, and kindest group of people. She gets to help them be healthier and happier. When she is not working with the members directly at the gym, she plans ways to reach more people and create even better experiences for our community. As Karen says, “What else could I possibly ask for?”

Karen’s hope is for more women begin to realize that being strong IS beautiful. Thank you, Karen, for being an inspiration to women leaders, and for helping us find our strength!

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