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#Balance for Better Spotlight - Future Leaders

Over the past six months, Silverado has been featuring prominent and inspiring women that are influencing our community. These leaders are what make Tucson a great community.

But what about the leaders of tomorrow?

To answer that, the Silverado team turned to our own future leaders - the children and grandchildren of our staff. We asked them two questions: "What do you want to be when you grow up?" and "What makes a good leader/boss?"

Most of our future leaders ranged in age from five to eight years old. They hope to grow up to become doctors, lawyers, construction workers, librarians, pilots, teachers, hairdressers and rock stars.

"[I want to be] a lawyer 'cause I’m really good at arguing…and a doctor because it gives you lots of money....and saving lives! Or a hairdresser because I’m really good at it, and I think it is going to be fun!” - Elaina, age 8

Elaina isn't the only future doctor of Silverado, Ellie, age 5, wants to be both a doctor and teacher. She'll be in good company - yet another future doctor, Georgia, age 5, believes that teachers are great leaders. And Evan, age 5, agrees. However, Evan's sister Natalie, age 7, believes that great leaders are those that display fairness and sportsmanship.

When asked what makes a good boss, Trisdenn, age 8, pointed to his mother, a project manager. He also mentioned our Director of Technical Services, Paz, is a good boss because he is nice and friendly. Those aren't the only qualities that make a good boss according to Trisdenn - a good boss must also be willing to throw a party!

Perhaps the leaders that deserve recognition this month are the parents. While articles in local business journals rarely reference the leadership of mothers and fathers who encourage and teach their kids daily, according to Elaina, foremost “a leader is someone that does the right things and instructs you on what to do.” Our parents are the first leaders to teach us that. And as Kaelea, 25, says “a good leader would be someone who is willing to give up something important for those following them.” Nothing could be truer of parents.

#Balanceforbetter encourages a future with gender equality and a greater representation of women leaders. Over the past 11 years, female-owned businesses have outpaced all other firms when it comes to overall growth, revenue increases, and employment. If that is any indication, we hope these future leaders will see a bright future for everyone.

Thank you to all our Balance for Better leaders, you make our community great. And thank you to the future leaders and their parents for the promise of continuing to make Tucson a great place.

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