Adapting Security to a Changing Workforce

When, how, and where we work has continuously evolved through the generations. Businesses have advanced from the typewriters and memos of last century to the mobile devices and Teams messaging of today. That evolution was fast-tracked these past two years with the growing “work from anywhere” workforce. The productivity and flexibility that has been gained with these geographically diverse teams has highlighted the need for our security approach to evolve as well.

Keeping up with growing and advancing security threats is not a new priority for your IT team. What is new is where the devices they are responsible for protecting are located. Laptops and users once filled the office – protected by firewalls, internet and filtering managed by your IT provider. Now those users are working from home offices with various levels of home IT security and spread across multiple time zones - or even countries. How do you protect these users and their end-point devices with so many factors out of your control?

The answer is to go directly to the source. Instead of protecting these users from the outside-in, placing filtering and firewalls on the network, put the protection directly on the end-point device.

IT providers have recommended antivirus on your laptop or PC for decades. A standard antivirus does a good job of protecting against well-known, existing threats. New, advanced antivirus options go beyond a list of these known threats and apply artificial intelligence (AI) to identify odd behavior, alerting your IT team when a potential breach may have occurred.

For comprehensive end-point security, extend your protection with an outsourced Security Operations Center – or SOC. A SOC combines technology and manpower to monitor and respond to security incidents in real time.

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