Has Your Team Gone Remote? Here's How to Keep Your Cybersecurity Intact

With more and more employees working remotely even now that many pandemic restrictions have been lifted, IT security has become more challenging for companies of all sizes. It’s often harder for an employer to manage employees’ cyber security practices from afar, and even more difficult for employees who aren’t using company equipment. Here are some quick, easy tips for keeping your company’s cybersecurity intact even when employees are working remotely:

Create and Enforce a Company Data Security Policy

Without proper guidelines on data security, it’s hard to expect employees to know how to keep their systems safe. Consult with an IT company to create a comprehensive company data security policy and establish consequences for breaking the policy. Make sure employees’ computers are protected, counsel them on how to create strong passwords, and require them to use multifactor authentication (MFA) for all logins. 

Maintain Secure Internet Connections 

If remote employees are accessing your company files and sending emails to inside and outside agencies, it’s very important that you maintain secure internet connections. Require remote employees to enable WPA3 settings and create a strong, unique password. If remote employees are accessing your server through a VPN or Remote Desktop, those passwords should also be unique and secure. Don’t allow remote employees to ever use public or unprotected Wi-Fi for company business. 

Give Employees the Right Tools and Training

Remote employees should have company equipment to use, even though they’re working from home. This gives you full control over the security of their systems. Pay for antivirus software, password manager software, and spam-filtering tools. You should also make sure their software and systems are regularly updated. Next, train employees on how to keep data safe, how to create a strong password, and how to spot and avoid spam emails and phishing attempts.

If you’re looking for robust IT services in Tucson or want data security training for your employees, contact us at Silverado Technologies. We work closely with our clients to identify areas of security weakness, create a data security plan, train staff, and perform robust testing to ensure the plan works. To learn more or schedule an initial consultation, call us today at (520) 903-1580 or contact us online.

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