What's Involved With IT Consulting?

An IT consultant is an outside party or company that provides advice and guidance related to technology, systems, programs, infrastructure, and IT security. If your company isn’t large enough to warrant an onsite IT team, you might consider hiring an IT consultant. Your IT consultant will offer flexible, scalable services that grow along with your business and can be tailored to your specific concerns, needs, workflow, schedule, and budget. Keep reading to learn more about what is involved with IT consulting.

Strategy, Infrastructure, and Architecture

An IT consulting agency will work with you to create a short-term and long-term plan for developing IT services and cybersecurity practices that support and benefit your business. They will then design and implement the plan, including developing and building IT systems, software, and security protocols.

Integration and Software Management

Your IT consultant will also ensure all systems and software work seamlessly together to enhance the efficiency, productivity, and security of your business practices and workflows. They will plan, lead, develop, and implement software projects, including recommending or overseeing proprietary or custom software development.


One of the biggest benefits of hiring an outside or third-party agency for IT services is that they can offer impartial and unbiased recommendations for IT security. Your IT consulting team will create a security strategy that reduces risk of cyberattack, educates and trains employees on data protection and privacy, develops and implements cybersecurity best practices, and reduces the risk of unauthorized access to systems, computers, drives, data, databases, hardware, and networks.

Compliance with Industry Privacy Standards

Businesses operating within certain industries, such as healthcare or ecommerce are held to unique privacy standards outlined by organizations like HIPAA, PCI, and NIST. With the right IT consultant, you can ensure that you meet regulatory requirements to protect sensitive patient data, cardholder information, and more. Silverado Technologies has become a reputable partner in Southern Arizona for maintaining HIPAA compliance and establishing meaningful use standards.

Cloud Services

Escape the restrictions of hardware with cloud-based solutions for data storage, email services, web hosting, and collaborative document creation. With cloud computing, you can better manage a remote workforce, share and edit documents with clients or within your organization, and enjoy the freedom and flexibility of working from anywhere. There are numerous cloud based solutions out there, so it pays to have the right IT consultant to guide you toward the right solutions for your needs and budget. At Silverado Technologies, we work with cloud industry leader Microsoft for Azure and Microsoft 365 services.

Set Up a Consultation for IT Consulting in Arizona

If you’re interested in learning more about how IT consulting services can benefit your business, contact us today at Silverado Technologies. We focus on robust, scalable, and innovative IT solutions that address each client’s specific needs. We will work closely with you to identify your concerns, goals, strengths, and weaknesses, and needs so that we can develop and implement a successful IT strategy. Our team of IT experts works tirelessly to provide exceptional customer service and advanced guidance to help you navigate the process of designing infrastructure and technology that supports your business as it grows and changes. We specialize in forecasting and budget guidance, project management, assessments and implementation, layered IT security protocols, architecture planning, and more. 

To schedule a consultation for IT consulting services in Southern Arizona, call us today at (520) 903-1580 or contact us online

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