Data Recovery

The Importance of Data Backup and Recovery

A robust data backup and recovery plan can make it easier to return to your normal business operations after a data breach or data loss. Without an effective backup and recovery plan, you risk days or even weeks of downtime, productivity losses, and damage to your reputation. At Silverado Technologies, we excel at discovering weaknesses in companies’ infrastructure and systems. We can conduct a thorough audit to identify areas that need improvement. We can also design, implement, and present a comprehensive data backup and recovery plan for your Arizona business. Keep reading to find out why this service is so crucial, and then call us to schedule a consultation.

Reduce the Risk of Catastrophic Human Error or Malfeasance

You can train your employees carefully on cybersecurity protocols and best practices, but you can’t be 100% sure they will always comply. Human beings make mistakes and forget things, and sometimes those errors cause major damage to company systems. In other cases, a disgruntled or malicious employee might purposefully do something to damage your systems. Our job at Silverado Technologies is to take proactive measures to limit your risk and quickly recover systems and data. The personalized data backup and recovery plan we create for your company will ensure efficient recovery of data and restoration of systems so that everyone can safely return to work.

Avoid Added Downtime

After a flood, power outage, or fire, you’ll have to commit to a certain amount of downtime while you wait for your building to be safe to use again. However, that downtime will only be increased - sometimes significantly - if you suffered from server damage and data loss. Our team at Silverado Technologies can help you reduce your losses, and get you back up and running again much sooner. You won’t need to pay employees to work elsewhere, or sit around waiting for you to get back online. Instead, you can maximize efficiency and productivity by preparing ahead of time.

Protect Your Reputation 

A data breach can do major damage to your company’s reputation, especially if the breach was due to a phishing or hacking attempt you weren’t prepared for. Our team will conduct a solid risk assessment and create a personalized data backup and recovery plan that will help you bounce back quickly. This will mitigate damage to your reputation and let your clients know that you are serious about protecting their private data and work product.

Prepare for Technology Failure

Huge changes and advancements in technology have made most Arizona businesses virtually paper-free. But this means that you’re at risk of major losses if you suffer from a technology failure. The new software you installed could crash your system, a phishing attempt could infect it with malware, or a power surge could destroy your employees’ hard drives. We can help you prepare for anything by putting actionable plans in place to protect you from destruction of your data, work product, and servers.

Avoid Falling Behind the Competition

For smaller local businesses, one mistake can destroy their competitive edge over national companies or other local businesses. If you don’t have a data backup and recovery plan and a problem occurs, you don’t want your clients to end up with one foot out the door, eyeing your competition. At Silverado Technologies, our goal is to make sure you’re more prepared than your competitors. We want you to be able to tell your clients and potential clients that you have a strong, effective data backup and recovery plan in place so that they can maintain confidence in you. This will help you stand out from other local and national businesses that can’t make those same promises.

Don’t Risk Data Loss in Tucson, AZ

Don’t risk losing crucial data to an employee error, faulty system, or mother nature. At Silverado Technologies, we have the expertise and tools necessary to protect you and your company from a data breach or data loss. We will thoroughly assess your protocols, systems, and infrastructure to identify weaknesses and find effective solutions. We will then create a personalized data backup and recovery plan that will provide peace of mind for you and your clients. Let us help you protect your data and your reputation with a comprehensive data backup and recovery plan in Tucson, AZ. To schedule a consultation, call us today at (520) 903-1580 or contact us online.

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