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Best of 2020

None of us should be ashamed to admit that 2020 was a challenge. If you’ve survived the uncertainties of the pandemic and kept your company afloat, you’ve done a remarkable job.  

COVID-19 has been a major catalyst for business transformation, with more than 75% of respondents in a recent SWZD survey saying that their business has resolved to make long-term IT changes as a result. These changes will shape the future of our work and our companies, and will require proactive IT solutions that can move and grow with the business.  

Before you flip the calendar to 2021, take these last moments of 2020 to reflect on everything you’ve learned so far. We have curated our top shared articles, videos and webinars from the past year that can help you plan the first steps towards a proactive, resilient IT strategy

1) Cyber Game Plan: Actions to Take Now and Later

Business Vision 2

2020 continues to be a year of great uncertainty for everyone, especially for small- to medium-sized businesses. What is certain is that you need to protect your data, networks and employees from cybersecurity threats. Chances are, you will need to pivot in the future to maintain a strong cyber posture, maintain compliance and more.

This topic is so important that we wrote a blog and hosted an event to share guidance on how to be cyber safe. Gain key takeaways from top industry experts like Phil Nelson from Green Cloud Technologies, JT Fanning from SonicWall and special guest Joseph Steinberg, author of Cybersecurity for Dummies.

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2) Retire from I.T.: Today’s Top Questions About Outsourcing I.T.


We understand how confusing IT planning can be. Especially when it is not your specialty. With this year’s challenges to business continuity, it is more important than ever for your organization to have smart, strategic guidance.

In this blog/video we share advice on ways that business decision makers can adjust their mindset when it comes to technology. By thinking about IT differently and considering outsourcing it, you can free up more time to focus on aspects of the business that really need your expertise.

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3) Why Wait to Set Up MFA? It’s an Easy, Inexpensive Defense Measure

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We can’t emphasize it enough. Multifactor authentication is an easy IT security measure that small- and mid-sized businesses can use to protect their data. Once a tool used primarily by enterprise companies, MFA is now an accessible – and necessary – tool for all businesses. However, many business owners remain unsure about how to implement it across their organization. Watch this video to learn what you need to know.


4) Tech Health Check: Planning is the Key to Success

Silverado Tech Check

At Silverado, we have spent a lot of time and energy in 2020 explaining why it is so important to plan ahead when it comes to IT and security needs.

For a good number of our clients, the work-from-home scenario was designed to be a short-term approach. Now, not knowing how long the healthcare crisis will last and with additional lockdown measures very much a possibility, it’s imperative that you think about longer-term implications for you’re IT – and why flexibility will be the key to success.

Read our blog and/or watch our video that offers up concrete examples about what downtime can really do to your business, what you can do today in a small way to plan for the future and what areas of IT experts can best help with.

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 5) Webinar: Your 2021 IT Budget – What to Buy and What to Skip

Silverado budget IT webinar

Since the mass migration to a work-from-home environment back in the spring, we continue to see Tucson businesses try to meet the challenge or reorienting IT budgets to accommodate that flexible workforce. Reviewing 2021 priorities now with an expert Managed Services Provider can help you prepare for an ever-changing, more mobile workforce.

What does that mean? What do you need to keep in your budget and what do you need to cut out? In this webinar, Silverado President Allison Duffy discusses what you need to optimize your 2021 technology spend.

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