5 Strategies to Recession-Proof your Business with IT Support

It's impossible to forecast the future, but as a business owner, you can take steps today that will give your company a competitive advantage when the next recession hits. 

One of these proactive measures is to have solid IT support and services in place so that, if circumstances go bad again, you can limit any long-term costs caused by equipment failure or data loss as a result of a security breach. 

Recessions are inevitable. Make sure to prepare yourself by keeping your IT infrastructure in good working order because no one knows when it will happen - but those who have already invested are prepared for what will come next. Here are 5 strategies to recession-proof your business with IT Support.

1. Budget For Cybersecurity

When a recession hits, marketing may be first on the chopping block – and the next to be cut is often additional security and anti-virus software. We recommend the opposite approach. 

Focus on increasing your cybersecurity

Consider putting measures in place to protect your data against theft or ransomware attacks. Cybersecurity does not have to be expensive. Using a layered approach allows you to gradually increase your security as your business grows.

Silverado has developed a proven, layered approach to security

We make it simple for you to plan ahead and keep your data secure. Silverado allows you to customize your security services to match your specific business and security needs. As you are planning your next annual budget keep your technology and security in mind.  

2. Keep your Technology Updated

Today it is nearly impossible to run a business without the use of technology. To be successful your organization requires the right tools and knowledge to engage with your customers and improve business processes. 

It is critical to concentrate not just on security, but also on effective internal communication methods and engagement with your consumers. Make the most of those tools by keeping your software up to date with the latest security patches and follow up with your staff to make sure their devices are working as expected.

3. Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency 

A quality IT support partner can assist you in lowering costs by increasing workflow efficiencies and solving problems quickly. 

Additionally, your IT partner can: 

  • Ease change management within your organization
  • Reduce operational errors, 
  • Assess your cyber risk
  • Improve supplier quality by making it simple to stay up to date and efficient. 

Look for a provider that understands what components are essential to your business and what your goals are.  

4. Renegotiate Your Existing Contracts 

From time to time, you may be required to renegotiate agreements with suppliers, sellers, licensees, and other parties. Unexpected difficulties in completing orders, new issues arising due to market movements, or any number of other circumstances may impact your decision to renegotiate. 

If they are reluctant or unable to meet your requirements, you may even consider terminating the relationship. As the business and technology landscape is continuously changing, a quality partner should be committed to helping you keep up.

5. Operational Agility

As technology and business strategies adapt, it’s important to have a clear understanding of what business activities you can automate and which projects (such as developing new offerings or investing to broaden consumer reach) are critical to remaining competitive. 

With an ever-evolving workforce and shifting economy, it’s important to keep your business systems easy to use, scalable and flexible. The right IT support provider can assist and suggest tools that may further enhance your agility. 

Need Assistance with IT Support?

Are you looking for someone to assist you with IT support? Do you need help implementing changes to your organization's technology that will help it weather any economic storm? Silverado works with businesses to solve their technology problems and provides white-glove IT support so that you no longer need to worry about your technology.

IT support is an integral part of your organization that touches every aspect of your operations. Without it, it’s difficult to expand your business, maintain client connections, or retain employees. This is especially true during a recession. 

Want to learn more about how Silverado can assist you in leveraging technology to meet your organization’s goals? Schedule a meeting or phone call with one of our specialists.

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