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How to Retune Strategy for the New Normal | Silverado Technologies

Written by Allison Duffy | Jun 12, 2020 5:18:22 PM

There’s no denying that everything in the business world has changed over the past few months. This includes digital marketing. Where some companies have pulled back on their marketing spend during these uncertain times, we are doubling down. With social distancing and work from home initiatives continuing throughout this summer, traditional ways of staying connected are less available. We recognize how important it is to stay in communication with our clients and community.

To learn more about the best ways to accomplish digital marketing objectives we reached out to KLA Group’s Kendra Lee to help us identify what we should be thinking about…. I thought I’d share top 5 lessons with you.

1. Learn How to Move Forward with “The New Normal”

We don’t yet know what the long-term “normal” will be for businesses, but one thing is certain: the old ways of doing business are over for the foreseeable future. Companies need to define the best ways to connect with their clients and prospects in this new era, and that means embracing new marketing channels like video, content marketing and social media. Choose strategies that maintain your presence.

2. Consider Outsourcing

Businesses have enough to worry about without adding digital marketing tasks to that long list. One thing I highly recommend is hiring experts who can help create brand awareness and use cutting-edge marketing tools you might not otherwise know about. Although Silverado does execute some marketing tasks in-house, we have engaged a firm to support us in areas where we know we need additional marketing expertise.

3. Don’t Take Your Foot Off the Marketing Gas

I understand your first instinct when future revenues are uncertain is to slow down spending on everything, including marketing. But now is actually the time you should be going full-throttle. Why? You’re not investing necessarily in the clients you’ll attract today, but rather investing in clients you’ll attract tomorrow. You must stay visible, especially when times are tough. Now is your chance to show strength and let your clients know you’re ready to help, however they need you. These aren’t harsh sales approaches; they are compassionate offers of assistance. When others falter (and they will), you’ll be top of mind with your audience.

4. Leverage Free Resources

Not all digital marketing tools are costly. Things like posting to your social media accounts, creating content for your blog or being a guest speaker on a podcast are completely free, as long as you have the human resources to manage them properly. Creating webinars that address hot topics for your prospects is another way to engage them without spending a lot of money. You may have even attended one of our recent webinars . I’m happy to share some of the lessons I’ve learned in hosting webinars at Silverado this year.

5. Understand Marketing is a Process

Nothing happens overnight, especially right now. Incorporate different digital activities in an integrated approach that shows your availability. There are many moving pieces and parts working together to advance prospects through the sales funnel. Your job is to simply facilitate that process and be patient.

I love the saying, “Many hands make light work.” Marketing doesn’t have to be a one-person operation. We've been working with local business partners to bring valuable content to the community. Consider using marketing programs with vendors you work with, shared sponsorships with associations you’re a member of or even clients who can provide feedback to supplement your efforts and raise your visibility.

Silverado is always looking for ways to add value for our clients, future clients and the community we call home. I hope these digital marketing tips provide direction to help you grow your business.

Want to learn more? Be on the lookout for an invitation for our upcoming webinar on digital marketing strategies you can use!